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SAC Information

School Advisory Enhancement Councils

School Advisory Enhancement Councils (SAEC) have been established at each school in Citrus County. The SAEC is comprised of parents, students, teachers, support staff, business / community members and the principal. As a resource to the school and principal, the SAEC:

• facilitates school communication with parents and community members
• assists in providing program support to parents, students, teachers and the community
• informs and advises school staff regarding community conditions
• assists the principal in preparing and evaluating the School Improvement Plan
• provides assistance in preparation of the school’s annual budget.

One of the primary functions of the SAEC is to assist the school in identifying, developing and implementing school goals through a school improvement planning process. This plan addresses the needs of the student as they relate to state goals and district strategic aims. SAEC meetings are open to all school and community members. Teamwork and the power of collective thinking as seen through the work of the SAEC have resulted in meaningful and positive change in our school and district.