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About our school

Hernando Elementary School is beginning its thirty-eighth year.  It is a pre-kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school.  The campus sits on thirty-five beautifully wooded acres.  The original Hernando Elementary School was built in 1939 and is located in the town of Hernando.  Hernando students attended school at that site until 1983 when the present building opened its doors.  The original school is now a historical landmark.

We Believe

A safe and caring environment is essential for the learning and well being of all individuals.  High expectations and challenging standards promote continuous improvement and high achievement.  To be responsible learners, students require discipline and direction.

We must be learners who engage in continuous inquiry about teaching.
We must be positive role models for children and adults.
We must come from the perspective that asks, "What is best for our students?"


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